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2005 Maio Jamie Westenhiser

Girl with a View

Count on a breezy Miss May to provide shelter from the storm

No hurricane is going to frighten Fort Lauderdale native Jamie Westenhiser out of Spring Break City. "With hurricanes you get a warning," she says. "You prepare all the food, put up plywood and bring everything from the backyard into the house." When we ask what's in her emergency kit, the sleepy-eyed 23-year-old smiles. "Lots of candy. I have a major problem with sweets," she says. "I love to lick the bowl of whatever I bake. Disgusting, huh?" Not to us--we're pretty pro-licking here--so we ask the former Body Glove swimwear model what else she'd like to confess. "This is my going-out-of-the-modeling-business shoot," she replies. "Now I'm getting into investment-type real estate." Miss May has some history in that field. "My mom used to own a party business called the Best Little Bounce House in Town. We would blow the house up and invite the neighborhood kids over, and this made me the cool kid on the block." See? From Bounce House to your house.
Jamie says she's always been more comfortable hanging out with guys, something that's given her clear ideas about men. "I want to be in a relationship with one person," she says with an exaggerated pout. "I'm quiet and shy, so it's hard for me to meet new people. I've had only two boyfriends in my life, and they were both very persistent. It took me a good month to finally go out on a date with them. I just want to make sure somebody's serious before I get serious. I don't want to play games." Okay. Serious guys. Got it. Anything else? "I like really funny guys." Fine. Serious, really funny guys. "Who are good to their mothers." Nice to Mom--noted. Anything else? "They have to be good talkers, because I don't want to sit at dinner in an awkward silence." Is it us, or is she describing the model Playboy reader?
Note that fabulous wealth didn't make Jamie's list of attractive attributes, but Miss May isn't dogmatic about the idea. Though she first says that being forced to rely financially on someone else would be terrible, she soon allows that perhaps it wouldn't be so tragic. "I can imagine waking up in a nice house," Jamie says slyly. "I could be a trophy wife with my business on the side." So she wouldn't hold wealth against a guy if he was a seriously funny, mom-adoring conversationalist. But whatever. "My girlfriends swear that when I meet Mr. Right I'll know. I don't even know what a normal relationship is like, but I'm hopeful."
Hopeful? She's more than that. Miss May has the confidence of someone who rides out hurricanes. Says Jamie, "I like to think I usually get what I want."
Photography by Stephen Wayda and Arny Freytag

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