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2005 Janeiro Destiny Davis

Destiny's Calling

Miss January is loving Las Vegas

Destiny Davis studies economics and business law at a college less than a mile from the blinding glow of the Las Vegas Strip, but this determined 19-year-old isn't easily distracted. "I worked hard to graduate from high school when I was 16," she says. "I wanted to get a head start and do something more productive." With Sin City's demand for models constantly high, Destiny soon found herself posing at conventions and other events--and even got certified as a lifeguard to be part of a Baywatch-themed resort production. "Vegas is cool, but it's not cultural," she says. "It's a transient town. No one develops roots, and it's difficult to sustain friendships when you're always on the go. Growing up here, I never appreciated it, but I love it now. Locals know there's an entire city to explore beyond the Strip." After Destiny won first place in a bikini contest, Playmate Angela Melini, Miss June 1992, took pictures of her and whisked them off to PLAYBOY. Miss January's blend of Irish, Swedish, English and Syrian features wowed us, and her distinctive name sealed the deal. "I don't know what my mom was thinking when she named me," Destiny says. "People ask, 'Is that a stage name?'"

Unguarded and talkative, Destiny is especially open when the subject turns to men. "I love Southern accents and country music," she says, twirling her hair around a well manicured finger. "They don't grow many Southern gentlemen where I'm from, but a guy in a pair of Wranglers and a cowboy hat--that's hot! I love it when you feel sparks with someone right away. When a guy doesn't have the same energy as me, it's the worst." Asked how her date will know she's feeling sparks, Destiny smiles. "Women send subtle signs," she says. "A sexy bat of the eye, a bit of skin showing. I'm friendly, but I won't make the first move. I'm looking for Mr. Right, and I'll find him someday."

Although classes and modeling tie up most of her time, Destiny thrives on close relationships with her girlfriends. "We have girlie nights, when we drink wine and do mud masks," she says. "I play tennis anytime I can. There's usually one day every few weeks when I don't have anything to do, so I'll pig out, watch movies and chill. People always ask, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' I say, 'Retired.' My philosophy is the harder I work now, the less I'll have to work later. I just love learning and trying to do things that make me well-rounded."

Photography by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda

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