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2004 Abril Krista Kelly


Rise and Shine

Miss April is the perfect eye-opener

When we heard that Krista Kelly's grandmother nicknamed her Motor Mouth, we knew the 26-year-old Toronto native would make for a fun interview. Get Krista charged up about a topic -- her childhood, her Catholic school upbringing, her romantic relationships -- and she'll spin a story at a feverish pace. "I was discovered by model scouts outside an underage nightclub when I was 15 years old," she says, "but I didn't take modeling seriously at first. Growing up I was a tomboy -- very athletic. I hated Barbie dolls, I had no girlfriends, and I hung around the jocks. I didn't like getting my makeup done or being pretty. When the modeling agency asked me to move to New York to continue my career, I caused a lot of trouble. I didn't make curfew, and I wasn't in my room for orientation."
Krista was no easier to handle as a student: "I met a friend who went to Catholic school, and I begged my mom to let me go," she says, "but I used to cut my kilts too short. I actually got suspended for it." Though she still resides in Toronto, Miss April -- whose mother has dual citizenship in the United States and Canada -- believes a move to the States is imminent. "In Toronto we love Americans because they're so friendly," she says. "I always felt like I could relate to them because I've done so much traveling in the U.S. My grandfather is American, so we had family reunions every two years -- usually in Nebraska."
Her favorite place in the world to visit? Anywhere the weather is warm. "I'm a total sun bunny," she says. "I love Rollerblading, tanning and going to the beach, though I have a serious shark phobia. When I vacationed in Canc?n, I would go in the ocean only if there were a lot of people in the water, and even then I would go in only up to my waist." Lest you think she's a wimp, Krista explains that she hasn't had the best luck with water sports: "You're not going to believe this, but I once got lodged in a waterslide," she says. "They had to turn off the park's water supply and rescue me!" Which begs the question: Does Krista enjoy being rescued? "I'm into manly guys, but personality -- especially a sense of humor -- makes a person more attractive. It's cute when a guy doesn't know how to do laundry. He goes into the experience feeling confident, but then it turns pathetic -- but funny -- because he ends up with wrinkly clothes. I like to be in relationships where everything becomes a fun event or activity." When it comes time to settle down with one lucky guy (be he laundry adept or not), Krista has a definite marriage-proposal ideal: "I'd like to find the ring box somewhere totally unexpected, like hidden in a grocery cart while we're shopping or in my food at a restaurant," she says. "I don't want to have a traditional wedding. I want to be naked, or maybe underwater. I would definitely elope, though not anytime soon. My mom would say, 'Krista, get your head out of your little fantasy world and go get married and have babies.' But she knows that isn't going to happen right now. I'm always late for everything."
Photography by Stephen Wayda and Arny Freytag

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