domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2009

2003 Outubro Audra Lynn


Farmer's Daughter

Miss October proves there's beauty in the heartland

Though Audra Lynn grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, her dreams of the future never had much to do with harvesting crops or herding livestock. "I was an only child and pretty spoiled as far as taking care of the animals was concerned. I helped clean the stalls, but my mom did most of the dirty work," she says. "When I was five, I wanted to be beautiful like the mannequins I saw in department stores. I would stand by them, pose and not move. People would just walk by and stare at me." By the time she was 15, Audra was putting that practice to good use as a model, but her parents made sure their daughter explored other interests. "I took piano lessons for years," she says. "I have a nice collection of gold medals for ice-skating. I can do pretty much everything you see on TV. I stopped for three years because I had foot surgery. Recently I went to a rink and started pulling off doubles like they were nothing."
Miss October almost purrs when the subject of men comes up. "I want to be the hunter," she says. "If a guy comes up to me in a bar and I didn't see him first, I won't give him the time of day. I want to spot my prey first!" When Audra does find her man, even the sky doesn't limit her affection. "I bought land on the moon for one boyfriend," she says. "He told me he wanted to be an astronaut, so I got a deed and a satellite picture of the land on a part of the moon called the Sea of Rainbows. I love to spoil my boyfriends. If you treat me like a princess, I'm going to make you my prince.
Photography by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda

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