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2003 Maio Laurie Fetter


Laurie's New Life

miss may is a down-to-earth woman who looks out of this world

Midwesterners pride themselves on being grounded, but Chicago native Laurie Fetter threw her friends for a loop when she suddenly packed up and drove out to Los Angeles a year ago. "The move was totally impulsive," she says. "Now that I'm in Hollywood, I find that I spend my life in my car because everything is so spread out. But I love the weather and the laidback vibe."
Though being Centerfold is a highwater mark in Laurie's modeling career, this isn't the first time she's graced the pages of a major publication. "I remember getting the cover of Sew News, a national sewing magazine, when I was 11. It was the coolest thing at that age!" she laughs. "Acting is my passion, however. My high school had an incredible theater program, and I took voice lessons for six years. I started acting in plays when I was eight and I sang and danced. Since I arrived in Los Angeles, I've done an independent film and hope to do more." For good measure, Laurie is also getting her real estate license and taking classes at UCLA. "I graduated from high school early and went right into my career, so I'm at a point where I really need the mental stimulation," she says.
Miss May admits her career isn't the only thing that prompted her shotgun trip to the West Coast. "I met my boyfriend in LA before I moved. Sometimes you look into someone's eyes and they're kind of blank, and you don't really know what is going on. He looked at me and it was kind of freaky because I felt like he was looking right through me. I think I've slept at my house twice since we got together -- in fact most, if not all, of my stuff is at his place. I have my own house but I think all that's left there are one pair of shoes and a bed." As for her future, Laurie has adopted a philosophical approach. "You get dealt so many different cards every day, and you don't know where you're going to end up tomorrow. It's a tough business, and I don't have any illusions about it. But I would love to be a working actress for the rest of my life. Entertaining is what I was born to do."
Photography by George Georgiou

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