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2002 março Tina Marie Jordan


Tina Time

miss march comes in like a lamb, but parties like a lion
Miss March Tina Jordan is a California girl with a serious need for speed. "I grew up in the Los Angeles area and can't imagine living anywhere else," she says. "I have six sisters and two brothers and we were a his, hers and ours family -- very Brady Bunch. I can be soft, sweet and personable when you meet me, but I have an edgy side, too. I like to go out at night and have serious fun!"
The 29-year-old thrill seeker started her career at a modest pace. "I went to college, business school and cosmetology school," she tells us. "I tried many different jobs and just wasn't happy. I was a loan processor -- boring! -- for two years and met Hef when I was going to get my real estate license." The two hit it off at LA's Garden of Eden and Tina eventually moved into the Mansion. "Hef just wants to have a good time and be happy," she says. "He's a warm and generous person -- a family man -- who cares a great deal about me and my three-year-old daughter. My 16-year-old brother thinks I'm so cool now because he got to meet Fred Durst at Hef's birthday party."
Tina also goes ape for another longtime Mansion resident. "My favorite animal is Terry, the 30-year-old woolly monkey," she says. "She's the oldest one in captivity, and she doesn't usually like blondes, but she seems to like me just fine." Tina also enjoys going with Hef to Las Vegas. "One time I snuck out and went gambling -- I love 21 -- and he got so mad at me," she says, giggling. "When we got home he made me watch the movie Lost in America, which is about a woman who sneaks out, goes gambling and loses all her money."
Tina is most interested in modeling and acting. "I took drama classes in college and have modeled for calendars and editorial projects," she says. "My passion is modeling, but I like using my brain and don't want it to go to waste. Beauty fades, but dumb is forever. Right now, I'm learning about investing -- stocks, bonds and dividends." This smart cookie keeps her body beautiful with Tae Bo and kickboxing. "Every ex-boyfriend I have is still my friend and would want to date me again," she says. "I'm very loyal and give everything my best. My guideline in life is to follow your heart. I'm a positive thinker and try to be an outgoing and sharing person. When I first talk with people, they end up feeling connected to me even though they don't know that much about my life. They are surprised to find out that I was born and raised in LA, because I'm not two-faced. I'm all about being real and having no regrets."
Photography by Stephen Wayda Centerfold photography by Arny Freytag

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