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2002 Junho Michele Rogers


Michele, Ma Belle

miss june is a tall, cool drink of hawaiian punch
"I am a mutt," says Michele Rogers of her exotic good looks. "My dad is Hawaiian and my mom is a mixture of French, Irish and German." The Honolulu native abandoned leis and pristine beaches when, at the age of three, she moved to Michigan with her mother after her parents' divorce. "It was total culture shock," she says. "From there we moved to California, but I like to go back to Oahu or Maui a couple of times a year." The 26-year-old makeup artist is now in the business of making women more beautiful. "I've been doing makeup since I was 18," she says. "I love art, and my work is so creative. You can transform a person by using different colors and textures. It's fun."
Michele is also drawn to body art of a more permanent nature. "I find it sexy when guys have tattoos," she says. "My boyfriend is fully sleeved on both arms and has a big maze on his back. It is completely sexy. I just got Chinese symbols on my ankles: One means love and the other refers to the ethereal. I also have a star tattoo on my ankle that I got with a friend. I'm not sure why we got them -- I despise it!" Besides serious body ink, what attracts Michele's attention? "An ideal first date would definitely not be the movies," she confesses. "You want to be someplace where both of you feel comfortable and you can get to know each other. Why not do something creative like take a gondola ride or go to the batting cages? Stupid stuff like that can be so much fun. I love humorous guys. I would much rather have somebody who is not good-looking but is funny than somebody who is good-looking and isn't funny." What about a guy who just dresses funny? "I don't like it when men wear white sunglasses or shiny shirts," she says, laughing. "Leopard-print clothes and big hoop earrings are deal breakers, too. My type of guy is Johnny Knoxville, Billy Idol or Jack Nicholson. I like older men because they're so confident and they have their shit together." As far as music is concerned, Miss June is a classicist. "I love Guns n' Roses, Mötley Crüe, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. It seems like everybody has moved on to whatever rock and roll has evolved into today, but I just can't get past the old stuff!"
Playboy is Michele's foray into modeling. "I feel comfortable being nude," she says. "Having to change facial expressions and building a relationship with the camera were difficult, but you get used to everyone being around you. If this leads to other modeling jobs, I'll go for it." Michele says she is protective of her family and friends and has zero attitude. "People have a preconception that I'm bitchy or stuck-up, but I am really goofy and approachable," she says. "In five years I see myself married and starting a family. I want five kids and want to be surrounded by my friends and loved ones, having the time of our lives."
Photography by Arny Freytag

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