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2002 Abril Heather Carolin



miss april isn't the life of the party, she is the party
HEATHER CAROLIN has the mantra to kick a party into high gear. "Sex, drugs and rock and roll, baby!" she chants. "I can get a little rowdy, but I live my life so I don't regret anything. I lost some friends a few years ago in a car accident. They were only 14 -- a blonde and a redhead, just like my best friend and me. It made me realize that you have to live for the moment."
Now she's thinking about moving to Los Angeles, but she can't keep the car under 65 when she travels there. "It takes me five and a half hours to drive to LA, but I think it's supposed to take seven," she giggles. "My dream car is a 1967 Camaro. I'll have to start with a frame and have a new engine put in. I want to be a race-car driver and take classes at Laguna Seca."
Miss April isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty, either. "I don't like girly girls," she says. "My best friend is a girl and I have 20 guy friends. They're more fun and like to party all night with me. Most girls come off as too prissy -- they whine about spilling a little beer on their shirts. I don't understand them at all. I love four-wheeling in a field with lots of mud."
Heather is considering college but admits she needs to get grounded first. "I have no idea where I'll be tonight, let alone five years from now," she confesses. "Psychology interests me because I want to know what motivates people. I had a boyfriend with a lot of problems, and many of his characteristics are the result of his dad's dying at a young age. I need to understand the patterns in people's behavior and how past events influence them."
So what kind of guy captures Heather's attention? "There's something about tattoos and rock music, guys in bands," she says. "I want someone who will go to a concert with me and go crazy in the mosh pit. I'm always going somewhere -- spur-of-the-moment stuff. I'm just not a stay-at-home kind of girl."
Heather's favorite outdoor activities are skiing in the winter and kayaking in the summer, and she shows no signs of slowing down. "How Jim Morrison lived is how I want to: for the day and for the moment," she says. "It all happens for a reason, so I'll take a chance. Why not? That's my attitude."
Photography by Stephen Wayda and Mark Edward Harris

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