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2001 Junho Heather Spytek

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miss june sent us out of the park

Heather Spytek is a resourceful woman with a knack for covert maneuvers. The 23-year-old booked a room at the Beverly Hilton and crashed last year's Golden Globe Awards so she could rub elbows with Hollywood's finest. "I was walking down the red carpet beside Warren Beatty," she laughs. 'Security puts your room key in the same folder with the tickets for the event, so I just showed them the card and they thought I was a movie star! I met Courtney Love, Winona Ryder and Calista Flockhart." The ruse came to an abrupt end when the future Miss June 2001 approached Hugh Hefner's party and was turned away by his girlfriends. At this year's Golden Globe Awards, however, Heather was one of Hefner's invited guests. "He laughed and told someone, 'Can you believe it? She was here last year trying to meet me, and the twins made her go away,'" she says. "It's a crazy story!"
Heather's own story began in New Jersey, where she was exposed to showbiz at an early age. "My father was the lead guitarist and singer for a Sixties group, the Magnatones. He's a great guy and really supportive of everything I do." Heather started dancing when she was three and studied ballet, tap and jazz before entering her first beauty pageant at the age of 11. "The pageants really helped me feel comfortable in front of the camera," she says. She attended a private high school in Florida and a liberal arts college in New Jersey before taking time off to model for Hawaiian Tropic and such Playboy Special Editions as Girls of Summer 2000.
A back injury when she was 18 kept Heather away from her first love, dancing, for a few years. "I'm starting to get in shape again and get into the groove," she says. "I like the way Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez dance -- hip-hop moves." When she's not busy getting her groove back, Heather enjoys Jet Skiing and spending time at home in Hollywood, Florida with her husband, Marcello. She caught her hubby's eye at a bikini contest in South Beach. "He's the dream man I always envisioned -- sweet and genuine," she says. "He asked me to marry him after two weeks of dating, and seven months later we got married on a Maui beach. He supports my posing for Playboy. I feel like Playboy swept me off my feet and took me to the Mansion to be a princess."
Photography by Stephen Wayda

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