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2001 Julho Kimberley Stanfield

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Welcome, Kimberley

miss july is a summery treat from canada

Kimberley Stanfield is looking forward to a first this July Fourth -- she's never been in the States for the big bash. Blame Canada. The 19-year-old Vancouver native may have migrated south, but she loves her homeland. "Canadians are cool -- everyone is really polite and seems happy," she says. You can probably find Miss July participating in some kind of sport in British Columbia when she's home. "I'm a really good swimmer and played basketball, volleyball and soccer in high school," she reports. But long before Kimberley played sports, practiced the violin or took up cheerleading for her school's basketball team, her parents thought her gorgeous blue eyes were picture-perfect and camera ready. "I modeled for some catalogs and local stores when I was a baby," she says. "I was making money and was way too young to even know I had it." Kimberley contemplated going to college for fashion design, took several lifeguard classes and worked as a bartender before considering a complete career reversal. "I really want to be an elementary schoolteacher, because I love kids," she says. "I'm really not into being in the spotlight at all." But Kimberley is the first to admit the spotlight has its perks, as her time with Playboy attests. "I went to the Grammys with Hef and six other girls," she says. "We got these fancy dresses and walked down the red carpet. I was so excited!" Another night at a Mansion party, Kimberley got to meet her favorite singer. "I'd had a crush on this really hot musician for a long time," she says. "We were talking -- totally hit it off -- and we ended up kissing for one last picture that his security guard took of us. I was so stoked to have this picture, but when I got it developed, I saw that the security guard had put his finger over the lens. I was kissing a black smudge! But I kept it anyway. Now when I show people the picture, they say, 'Whatever, Kimberley.'"
Although she plans to return to Canada in a few years, Kimberley says that she's happy working for Playboy now. "I'm not the type to plan my life for the long term," she says. "Some people tell me that I'm too young to know what I'm doing, but my mind is a lot older than they think. I just live life day by day."

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