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2000 Novembro Buffy Tyler

She's so Buffy

Miss November sinks her teeth into Playboy.

For Buffy Tyler, sharing the same first name wth the most famous vampire slayer in the world is a bit of a drag. "I hear Buffy jokes every day," she sighs. "Guys say, 'Buffy? Like, Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I wish I were a vampire!' I've never even seen the show or the movie."
Our Buffy resides in San Antonio, Texas and grew up in a rural community north of the city. "Blanco is a really small town with a population of about 2000," says the 22-year-old German beauty. "There are a lot of lakes in the area and I love speedboats. I like to do really outrageous things - I jump headfirst instead of feetfirst. I cannot sit still." Oh really? "I was dating this guy and had his name tattooed on my rear," she confesses. "The next morning I said to myself, 'Oh, Buffy, what did you do?' Now that I'm no longer with him, I'm going to have to get and arrow drawn through it or something."
Despite her lust for adventure, Buffy insists she's down-to-earth and family oriented. "There's never a day that goes by when we don't say 'I love you' to one another," she says of her family. "My mom raised three kids on her own and put us before anything else. She never gave up and always kept reaching for her dreams." Buffy occasionally works in a salon as a nail technician, but she dreams of getting into fashion design and wants to give acting a try. "I would like to be in an action movie," she says. "Something that keeps you on your toes!"
Speaking of toes, Buffy has an obsession with footwear. "When I move I have to throw them away because I don't have room. I'm sure I have more than 200 pairs of shoes!" So what else does she do in excess? "I love crawfish," she says. "For my birthday, we'll boil 200 pounds of crawfish for my family and friends. I could eat them all day. That kind of grosses people out." Not us. We like a women with a big appetite - for everything.
Stephen Wayda

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