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1998 Outubro Laura Cover


Laura's Journey

our october playmate sets sail for uncharted waters
Before Laura Cover became our Miss October, she had never modeled or even considered it. But to everyone around her, it's apparent she has an exceptional presence. Within minutes of sitting down at a Sunset Plaza restaurant, we are interrupted by a smooth-talking Russian woman offering to connect Laura to a modeling agency. Although raised in Bucyrus, Ohio, our Playmate (who now calls Newport Beach, California home) is skeptical and doesn't give out her home number.
Q: How often does that happen?
A: In Los Angeles, it happens a lot. I think it's pretty typical for a 21-year-old blonde. I try not to be totally dismissive, but I don't trust anybody either. I don't think anyone should. That's why there are pagers.
Q: How did you come to be in Playboy?
A: I just walked into the studio, which I'm told is kind of unusual. I don't have modeling experience. I didn't have any nude stuff, and I didn't want to go get some from Joe Photographer. I went to the Playboy studio by myself one day. They have an open call and you have a Polaroid taken.
Q: How do you react when you realize people find you beautiful?
A: It's been hard for me. I was a tomboy. I did gymnastics and played soccer in high school. After graduation, I became more feminine. I think there's something neat about that. It's just a matter of how far you want to use it. If you get too caught up in it, you lose who you are. But I will always be true to myself.
Q: Are you tight with your family? What has been their reaction to your appearance in Playboy?
A: I am pretty close with my family. I have a Christian background. Bucyrus is a small town. I'm really close to my mother. She's in Phoenix now, and she's cool with my being in Playboy. The rest of my family doesn't know yet.
Q: We understand you're estranged from your dog.
A: Yes, Echo, a white boxer. An ex-boyfriend got me that dog -- but at an inappropriate time. So here's this poor dog, who I love to death, but I'm in class most of the time, and basically it just stays at my ex' house. The dog is doing great. Unfortunately, I have to go through my ex-boyfriend to see it, which is a pain in the ass. It's sad.
Q: Tell us about your charity work.
A: I'm involved in a couple of things. One is a breast cancer foundation -- my mom is an RN. I've had a Christian Children's Fund child, Bernabe, for two years. He is from Guatemala. He's three, not old enough to write -- sometimes I get letters that his sister writes. It's my way of making a contribution.
Q: Do you find this period of your life exciting or scary?
A: It's neat. But I do get anxious about what I am doing. But you have to let it happen and enjoy it.
Photography by Arny Freytag

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