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1998 março Marliece Andrada



marliece andrada is tv's hottest new star

A year ago Marliece Andrada landed her first major television role, as a mermaid on Baywatch. Now the 25-year-old Californian is a regular member of the cast. She's the latest leggy beauty to star in the world's most-watched TV show. We met Marliece on the beach in Santa Monica, California.
Q: What made you a TV star?
A: I crave attention. I love it when people watch me. Always have. Maybe that comes through on TV -- that and my California-girl looks. I love to flirt with the camera.
Q: What do you think when people call the show Babewatch?
A: I thought it was funny the first 10,000 times I heard it.
Q: What's your role on the television show?
A: I play Skylar Bergman. She's a nature girl, like me. Sky is evolving. She'll go from rookie to EMT this year. It's a little overwhelming, being a regular on Baywatch. I'll be acting a scene and thinking, I am acting in the number one show in the world! But it's perfect for me. Now I can get attention from almost a billion people a week.
Q: How did you get the part?
A: The usual way: I auditioned. Of course, there was also the famous Baywatch water test. You have to swim against other actresses. The producers tell you to swim two laps across the Baywatch tank, one freestyle and one breaststroke. But I had no idea how to breaststroke! Luckily, I wasn't first in line. I watched the others and did what they did.
Q: Fastest actress gets the role?
A: No, other factors count more: talent, beauty and even the Baywatch look. That's the reason you have to swim the last ten yards of the test underwater and then burst out with your hair flowing back.
Q: How has celebrity changed you?
A: I'm still the same girl, except for a few perks. I have a trailer on the set, and when I'm on the road I get treated impossibly well. Once when I wanted to have a bowl of cereal at midnight, a limo driver came to my hotel and chauffeured me to the store to get my Special K.
Q: Playmates Pamela Anderson, Erika Eleniak and Donna D'Errico did the Playboy-Baywatch double before you. Is that a lot to live up to?
A: Pamela, Erika and Donna are beautiful. I'm thrilled to be doing what they did. As for posing nude, what could be more natural? Nudity? No problem. I have no inhibitions.
I hate clothes. As soon as I get home every day I take off as many clothes as possible. Am I an exhibitionist? It depends on your definition. Maybe I'm just sexy and relaxed.
Q: Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to be rescued?
A: It's my fantasy. My father was a fireman and my boyfriend is a fireman. I dream all the time about being rescued. The idea makes me swoon. The one time I almost needed some help was when I let my boyfriend talk me into jumping off the San Clemente Pier. That's 50 feet straight down into the water. And we did it at night. When I hit the water, everything went black. But I didn't panic. I just held my breath until I figured out which way was up. And then I swam that way.
Q: What is your favorite piece of fan mail?
A: A letter of congratulations from my college. It didn't even mention my student loan.
Photography by Stephen Wayda

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