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1998 Maio Deanna Brooks


Our Ms. Brooks

it's fun to get fiscal with miss may, a dazzler from dayton

As a manager at a branch of Key Bank in Dayton, Ohio, Deanna Brooks, 24, advised patrons on their investments and savings plans. A few months ago she decided to change her life -- to prove her fiscal and physical fitness to millions of PLAYBOY patrons. Unfortunately, being Miss May has already cost Deanna her bank job. We commiserated with her over lunch at the Polo Lounge in Los Angeles' Beverly Hills Hotel.
Q: What sort of bank manager would you say you were?
A: A good one. My title was quality service team leader. I started out as a teller, but money matters have always come easily for me; before long I had more responsibility. There was a problem, though. The bank's officials were so conservative they were almost prudish. Female employees weren't supposed to look feminine. We weren't supposed to wear makeup. I went along with that. I wore outfits with high necklines, dresses that showed zero leg -- and customers still came in to look at me. My bosses didn't appreciate that at all.
Q: Really? You mean they didn't want the extra business?
A: It made them uncomfortable. I guess that the powers that be at the bank thought money and sex appeal should be kept apart.
Q: In Los Angeles money and sex are never very far apart.
A: I think I could get to like Los Angeles. Dayton doesn't seem so friendly anymore, not since I lost my job. There was an investigation at the bank. Of me! They told me that I should cooperate, but I refused. Wouldn't you? I mean, my only crime was being less conservative than the people I worked for.
Q: Isn't that sort of corporate behavior against the law? Have you considered suing Key Bank?
A: No. I'm moving on. I figure it's their loss. Once the news got out that I'm Miss May, it would probably have helped the bank. I would have brought in a lot of new checking accounts.
Q: How did you become a Playmate?
A: I had worked as a waitress and at the bank. I thought, Is this all there is? I decided to make a big change. A photographer friend had some photos of me from college, when I was a model in his photography class. Some were nudes. We sent them to Adam Lawson, an old high school friend. Why Adam? Well, he got out of Dayton and went to Los Angeles to seek his fortune, and what do you know -- he is a butler at the Playboy Mansion. I guess you could say that I used Adam to get in the door.
Q: You mean the Playmate selection process is rigged?
A: No. I had to do test shots and prove myself like anyone else. But at least I was my own boss. I always try to be prepared for the next opportunity. After all, luck is nothing but preparation meeting opportunity.
Photography by Arny Freytag

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