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1998 Fevereiro Julia Schultz

Our Hearts Belong to Julia

we have a valentine's crush on miss february

Sweet Julia Schultz has a wild side. On one hand, the 18-year-old San Diego native is an animal lover who frequents the Humane Society. ("I want a kitten, but my three rottweilers would eat it," she says.) On the other, she's a model who built a portfolio in Milan at the age of 15 and has been riding motorcycles since she was two. "What do you expect?" the multifaceted Julia asks. "Dad was in the Hell's Angels, and those guys are softies at heart." We met Miss February for an intimate chat.
Q: What does an 18-year-old know that a 25-year-old has forgotten?
A: That you shouldn't take life so seriously. The older people get, the more stressed-out and money-hungry they are. They do things they don't enjoy.
Q: Is there a hierarchy of sleepwear?
A: If I want to look sexy, I wear a see-through tank top and undies. Next in line is a guy's buttondown shirt and socks. Or maybe my boyfriend's T-shirt. I wear trashy lingerie for fun.
Q: Your dad rode with the Hell's Angels in San Diego. What's the best advice he has given you?
A: He always tells me not to let other people bring me down. If people are nasty, he's like, "So what? If they're not friends or family, who cares what they think?"
Q: What's the surest sign of sexual interest a girl can give?
A: If a guy asks, "Do you have a boyfriend?" and she says, "No, but I could," that's a good sign.
Q: If a woman carries condoms in her purse, is she asking for trouble?
A: Of course not. If she doesn't have condoms, she's stupid. I know so many girls who have had diseases or abortions. They think if they have unprotected sex just once, they'll be fine. Duh!
Q: What's the best Valentine's gift you've received?
A: My boyfriend gave me this soft red shirt. Sounds simple, but a gift from someone you love is the best.
Q: Were you self-conscious about your body while shooting these pictures?
A: When you pose nude, you can't hide your flaws. It was weird at first, but by the end of the week I was walking around buck naked, going, "I don't need a robe!" I felt completely comfortable.
Q: Can a Playmate have close girlfriends?
A: Absolutely. I have friends who aren't fazed at all that I'm a Playmate. There's no reason to be jealous. I'm a normal girl who got lucky.
Photography by Arny Freytag

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