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1997 Novembro Inga Drozdova


From Moscow With Love

meet mother russia's favorite daughter

In Moscow, where crowds follow her every move, Inga Drozdova isn't just fine, she's krasavitsa. That's Russian for "most beautiful." The 21-year-old singer electrified Russian pop culture with her voice -- and a memorable layout in Playboy Russia, one of our newest international editions. Soon you will see her on TV, in videos and on the Internet, but Inga chose our pages for her U.S. debut. "Since my centerfold was successful in Russia, I wanted to do the American edition," she says. "I am a Playboy fan." On a recent visit to California she signed autographs in Hollywood -- a wish come true for the former teen beauty queen from Latvia.
Inga owes her impeccable command of the English language to her years spent at the Moscow Linguistic University, where she majored in finance and business law. "My grades were nearly perfect. But then, I'm a perfectionist," she says. Conservatives back home may have rebelled against the new, Westernized Russia -- the McDonaldsization of their motherland, they call it -- but Inga embraces change, even personifies it. When she was a little girl there were no sex symbols in Russia. The only pin-ups were pictures of tractors. "I like the new way. I want to be a singer, an actress, a sexual woman and a businesswoman," she says. World citizen Inga, who works in Moscow and studies at an Australian university between photo shoots and holidays in Europe, will soon move to Los Angeles. Other plans include acting and singing on American TV and in movies. Of course, she's her own manager -- why pay someone to do what a smart entrepreneur can do herself? Thanks to the end of the Cold War we can finally introduce you to a Playmate whose turn-ons include both Pushkin and The X-Files. Only the bold appeals to Miss November, and that includes bold, handsome men of any nationality. "Men can be sexy, too," she says. Particularly those who share her boundless energy. "I am always optimistic, and I never get tired." Keeping up with such a woman isn't easy, but it has rewards beyond the frequent-flier miles. Being with Inga can shape up a man intellectually and physically. Her days begin with exercise sessions on the beach. Next come business classes at whichever college -- or "uni," as she says -- she happens to be attending that month. Then there are acting and singing lessons. Inga's reward comes late in the day: a massage that relaxes her for an evening on the town. "I'd like to pursue my science studies more, but there is so little time," she says. Another subject that requires more study is the sort of man she wants. "Russian men, Australians, Americans -- I don't know who is best. I like them all." Thus far, red-blooded Americans have responded to her the same way the Russian army did: with wide-eyed appreciation. "I am a noticeable person," she says.
Photography by Arny Freytag

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