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miss march believes in good omens

"Oh, look, there's a falling star!" says Jennifer Miriam. It's a clear, cold midnight in Austin, Texas and we have goose bumps as we walk along the lake, not because of the temperature but because Jennifer was talking about finding her soul mate at the precise moment the heavenly light caught her eye. She considers it a sign.
This 24-year-old model, actor and hotel concierge (who once served Quentin Tarantino breakfast at five A.M., "when he was coming in from a night on the town after a B-movie film festival in Austin") believes in past lives. She says she was a priestess who met, and lost, her soul mate 2000 years ago -- and she's been missing him in all her lives since. But a psychic told her she would meet him again in two years. She can't wait.
The daughter of an oilman, Jennifer grew up in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado (where she learned to ski) and Texas. Moving frequently taught her how to meet people, she says. She also learned how to be the class clown. "Every time the teacher would leave the room," she remembers, "I would entertain the class. I got sent home a lot. Like the time in first grade when I crawled under my desk and roared like a lion."
Jennifer has always loved lions -- and almost every man she's dated, coincidentally, has been a Leo. "Leos are magical," she acknowledges, "but I haven't had very good luck with them." She compares the men she has dated to a character in The Lion King ("my favorite Disney film," she says) -- the king's evil brother, Scar. But her soul mate, once she's reunited with him, will be the mane event: Mufasa, the lion king.
That king of beasts had better be prepared for his independent mate. She demands of any guy she dates: "'Let me be me!' I like people who like to have fun and aren't worried about what other people think. If he says, 'You can't do that,' I say, 'Bye.' I dated an actor once who called me from a golf course on his cellular phone. I said, 'Never mind!' He was into the right cars, the right possessions. I hate that. I would rather have a guy in a beat-up pickup who's nice to me and brings me flowers he picked himself. He has to be independent, too, because I don't want to take care of anybody."
Acting classes and auditions take a lot of her time. "I want to do independent films," she says, "small, meaningful movies like The Spitfire Grill." But Jennifer is happiest when she's outdoors. To stay in shape she runs with her dog, Snickers, who is half Australian shepherd and half dingo. She also plays football with her guy friends and loves horseback riding, biking, hiking and camping (she roughs it -- no tents allowed). In her quiet moments she practices yoga and meditates, and she loves to read. Forget Jane Austen; this tomboy is into literary lions Ernest Hemingway and Charles Bukowski.
-- Julie J. Bain
Photography by Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda

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