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1997 Fevereiro Kimber West



miss february woke up to her california dream

"Honey," Kimber West says calmly yet insistently, "why is there a man in the window?" "Telephone guy," shouts her husband, James, from down the hall. The stalwart James is simultaneously unpacking boxes, talking on the phone with an interior designer and rifling through closets in search of a tape measure. Meanwhile, amid the chaos, Miss February sits on a couch, talking about her moving experience. Just a few weeks ago, the 22-year-old Georgian left Atlanta for this seaside home in Los Angeles.
About her new house, she says, "It's really destroyed now, but it's going to be beautiful." About her new life: "It's crazed, but I love it!"
Kimber's life has been in flux ever since a fateful day last spring when she ventured to an Atlanta hotel to audition for Playboy's Women of Atlanta pictorial (August 1996). "My husband basically dragged me," she says with a laugh, explaining that her initial excitement gave way to "second thoughts -- I didn't want to deal with them telling me no. That's just not something a girl wants to hear." She needn't have worried: Even though she didn't appear in that pictorial, her electrifying good looks made her obvious Playmate material.
When she flew to Los Angeles for her photo shoot, Kimber fell in love with the city. All signs read: Go West, young Kimber. "There's work out here, the people are really nice, there's lots of culture," she says. "I could grow old here."
She also could act here. "I'd like to do comedy, drama, just about anything. And I think I can do them all. I'm a Gemini, so I have about seven different personalities." Later, she admits to harboring an even more ambitious goal: "I'd like to be a producer."
For the moment, though, she has more pressing concerns -- such as unpacking. Before returning to the boxes and the telephone guy, she conducts a tour of the house. Highlights include the playroom, where her two-year-old son, Taylor, makes his own chaos, and the master bedroom, featured in the steamy films Indecent Proposal and Color of Night. (Kimber will create some steam of her own when she shoots her Playmate video here.)
The tour culminates on the rooftop deck. "You can see Catalina Island on a clear day," Kimber marvels, wind whipping her hair. "I like it up here because I can tan nude and nobody can see me -- at least I don't think anyone can." Miss February is a genuine civic asset -- she's been here only a while and has already made a contribution to the skyline.
-- Bob Daily
Photography by Stephen Wayda

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