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1996 Junho Karin Taylor


Miami Spice

playmate karin taylor is a model publisher

Karin Taylor orders the Black Angus burger and french fries with sour cream. The waiter in the trendy-to-the-max trattoria in Miami's South Beach raises his eyebrows a millimeter and goes back to the kitchen. "I'm just two self-help books away from being perfect," says Miss June. "That's close enough for now." Helping herself must be in her chromosomes. When Karin decided to apply for a job at Disney World she didn't ask her father, a former Disney executive, to oil the wheels. She told the family that she was going to the mall for the day -- a white lie she still blushes about -- but instead lined up at Disney's employment office. Her time in Mickey's kingdom, as a dancer at Cinderella's Ball, was followed by a spell as a lifeguard at a water park. At 19, with no training, Karin began modeling lingerie and swimwear after being signed up by Michele Pommier, who runs the hottest modeling agency in Miami. It was Pommier who encouraged Karin to take the plunge into the business world as a publisher. Two years ago Karin produced the first edition of the "Fashion Industry Travel Guide," a nationwide directory of essential services for the trade. A 1996 edition is slated for the fall. Where she finds time is anyone's guess. Later this year she's off to South Africa on a two-month modeling assignment. Last year it was six weeks on the Greek Islands. "My most recent boyfriend is an airline pilot," Karin says. "We were an ideal match because we were both on the move, but he flew away." A little sigh. What kind of man does she prefer? "Oh, he'd have to be the way I am -- always pushing himself to do the things he's afraid of. But outgoing. Not like me, not shy."
-- Reg Potterton
Photography by Arny Freytag

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