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1996 Abril Gillian Bonner



if you have the right equipment, miss april can make your digital dreams come true

Even a skilled computer animator couldn't have created a better Playmate for the digital age than Gillian Bonner. Not only does she have a great body, a warm smile and a quick wit, but she also owns a very big computer. She's the type of girl who can make your fantasies come true -- even if you've never met her.
For most of the past dozen years, the Atlanta native has traveled around the country as a highly paid fashion model. But a few years back, Gillian founded her own Florida-based software-development company, Black Dragon Productions. (Check out its World Wide Web page at Black Dragon's first release will be an interactive CD-ROM game, Riana Rouge. You can guess who portrays Riana.
"The key to winning at Riana Rouge is to do the right thing," Gillian explains. "If you make all the right decisions, you can empower the female character -- me -- and help her conquer five different worlds."
Gillian hopes someday to create digital erotic fantasies that are more explicit and expansive than Riana Rouge. "Whatever turns you on should be what you get," she explains. "With virtual reality, you have complete power, and everyone gets turned on by power."
I ask about her own fantasies, realized or imagined. "In at least one of my virtual fantasies, I'd have a penis," she says. "Once that's out of the way, I'll be able to branch out." She sips her wine, then spots my raised eyebrow. "Oh, I have penis envy all the way," she explains with a laugh. "I think I must have been a man in a previous life. My fantasies involve having complete control over what happens while also experiencing situations in which I am so overcome by lust that I lose control. I've been on the other side of that equation, looking into a guy's eyes and just knowing that he wants me."
Besides starring in Riana Rouge, Gillian wrote the story and supervised the creation of its artificial worlds. "As a kid, I drew constantly, so I've always been an artist at heart," she says. "It's all a matter of breaking things down into simpler parts."
Gillian tells me more about pixels, perspectives, RAM, ROM and Riana, until I'm ready to grab a joystick and make some right decisions. But first, dessert. She orders her favorite -- chocolate mousse. "I love all kinds of food, especially sweets," Gillian says, licking chocolate from her lips. "I have this incredible oral fixation. Mouths are so erotic -- I can kiss for hours. The downside is that I'm always battling my impulse to eat. I run five miles every day and lift weights. I love being in touch with my body." It's easy to see why. Unlike her creations, Miss April is for real.
-- Chip Rowe
Photography by Richard Fegley

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