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1995 março Stacy Sanches



miss march just keeps on truckin'

To hear Stacy Sanches talk is to hear pure Texas issuing from the mouth of a babe. Born in Dallas, Stacy relishes her place in the most devotedly nuclear of families, with Mom and Dad sticking together through 32 years of marriage and the whole gang (including a brother and sister) spending time in the family business. She describes the arrangement as "awesome," but it sounds more like a throwback to a simpler time, when families hung together at home and on the range.
For all of that, Stacy's not exactly your middle-of-nowhere country girl. But she's not your typical big-haired Dallas strutter, either. She is an outer-borough type from a burb north of town, and she's her daddy's girl. At least when he's around. "My daddy works his ass off," Stacy says, showing pride first, then a mischievous smirk. "But he was gone a lot. And sometimes my mom, my sister and I would sneak off to La Bare -- one of those strip places that feature men. I was only 14, but they'd let you in with a parent. I don't think my daddy knows about that to this day."
Her confession might be bad news, because her dad is now her boss. After a year-and-a-half stint at Hooters, Stacy started working for her father's custom-pickup-truck business. "I like working for my dad -- I can do whatever I want, work when I want and I have weekends off." That gives her plenty of freedom for lifting weights, her favorite daytime activity. "When I first started, I hated it," she says, "until I started seeing some muscles pop out." Now she's hooked on making things pop out. And that's an addiction we can admire. Stacy works out with her personal weight trainer, Kelly, one day a week. "She's not a complainer," he says, "but she's good at stalling. When I say it's time for another set, she'll give it one of these looks" -- he rolls his eyes and pouts. But he doesn't let her get away with it. He puts his face down to hers and barks orders. "One day I was dying," says Stacy, "and he made keep doing it. I almost started crying. I can't say no to him."
-- Jeff Posey
Photography by Arny Freytag

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