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1994 Abril Becky DelosSantos



miss april proves that she's game for anything

Her approach is regal and confident, as if she were breezing down the runway at a beauty pageant. Her release appears flawless. But suddenly, sensing disaster, Becky DelosSantos starts gesturing wildly and shaking her pelvis like Elvis. Unfortunately, Miss April's body language is in vain. Her pink bowling ball spins into the gutter at a North Miami bowling alley. "It's my toe," she pouts. She is not making a lame excuse. Two days earlier the playful Becky broke a toe, sprained a finger and skinned her knee while horsing around with a water gun at a party. Still, she insisted that we go bowling. "I'm addicted to games -- canasta, chess, backgammon, Pictionary. You name it, I play it." Becky attributes this infatuation to being an only child and having to entertain herself while growing up in tiny Marshfield, Massachusetts. One of her earliest memories is of playing Go Fish with her grandmother. These days Becky plays games to pass time when she works (modeling swimsuits and lingerie), which is often. "The delay between shots or when the weather's bad can really drag, especially when I'm in an exotic location that I'm dying to explore. When I was in Istanbul and in Phuket, Thailand, I loved haggling in bazaars." Becky now lives in south Florida, but she spent six years modeling throughout Asia and Europe, settling in Milan for the last two. Between assignments, she skied the Alps, ice-skated and learned to speak Italian. But after 14 years of modeling (she landed her first job when she was eight after a photographer was dazzled by her First Communion pictures), Becky is considering a less hectic lifestyle. "In about three years I'd like to retire to New England, but not to Marshfield. My friends there think that going to Boston is a big step and that Massachusetts is the world. I thrive in large cities, though my dream is to live on a remote ranch with horses and my two cats, Stoli and Snow." The closest she gets to New England now is watching the Bruins and Celtics on TV at a hole-in-the-wall Irish pub she frequents in Miami. It's here that Becky guides us to more games. First, there's darts, which she wins handily. Then, in the sexual trivia category of Pitboss Superstar, she reels off five straight answers before stumbling over "What does the Skene's gland do?" (For all you nongynecologists, it emits lubricant.) Over a few games of eight ball, Becky reflects on her image of the ideal man. "Looks aren't at all important . . . nine ball, side pocket. I want someone who can make me laugh. Someone who doesn't need to be constantly reminded that I love him . . . 14 in the corner. I just like to have fun. My idea of a perfect date is to get dressed up, have an elegant dinner and then play miniature golf." With that, Becky lines up the ten ball and -- egad! -- misses the shot. "Hey, it's my toe," she jokes.
-- Tom Wotherspoon
Photography by Arny Freytag

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