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1993 Fevereiro Jennifer LeRoy


Peak Performer

when jennifer leroy left her colorado home, she took the steam out of steamboat springs

Jennifer LeRoy is 19 years old this month (assuming you're reading your February Playboy in January, like a normal person). If you were a friend of Miss February, you might have gift-wrapped a sweater for her or boxed a gold ring with garnets or -- sweet dreams are made of this -- taken the cool Coloradan on a getaway beach vacation. She likes beaches. And she could use the rest. Since Jennifer said "see ya" to her mountainous home state two-plus years ago, she's been continent-hopping as a model -- good work if you can get it, but exhausting. At 16, she left Steamboat Springs for New York City, where she was signed by an agent and sent to the fashion runways of Paris. Her mom went with her, "but Mom left after two weeks. That was OK. I kicked it in Paris for three months." The next year took her west of the Rockies: L.A., Tokyo, Taipei. East fell for West big time. "I was working six days a week, three jobs a day sometimes," Jennifer marvels. Print ads, catalogs, magazine covers: The leggy gaijin -- who worked on college correspondence courses at night -- was a hit. "Amazing," she admits. "I really appreciated the work." Jennifer's plans include continuing her education and, of course, her travels. Growing up, Jennifer plied the slopes of Snowbird ski resort in Utah (where she's pictured on the opening spread). She became so proficient in the sport that she began strutting her stuff with a Steamboat Springs ski team. Besides the downhill thrills, small-town life meant security: doors unlocked, car keys in the ignition. Now she enjoys living in West Hollywood, but sometimes misses home. "Living in a city, I've had to learn how to close that door in myself."
Photography by Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda

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