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1988 Janeiro Kimberley Conrad


O Canada

meet kimberley conrad, vancouver's most exquisite export

When she got off the plane from Vancouver, Canadian Kimberley Conrad had a little trouble at LAX. The problem wasn't that she was carrying contraband -- it was her outfit. That day, Kim had on leopard pants, bare-midriff blouse and silver pumps, and it took inspectors the better part of an hour to clear her through U.S. Customs. "I wouldn't have minded, but I was on my way to a huge party," she says. "I couldn't wait." When Customs asked the reason for her trip to America, Kim said, "Pleasure."
Shortly after her airport encounter with Customs, Kim made her American party debut -- still attired in leopard pants, bustier blouse and silver heels -- and wowed the crowd. "Two men asked if they could buy my outfit right off my back," she says. No dice, Miss January told prospective buyers. "But I appreciated the thought." A lingerie fan, she even remembers what she had on under that costume. "A G-string. And under the blouse, of course, no bra. You can't wear a bra with a getup like that." Who would want to? "I feel sensuous in fine lingerie," she says. "I really think the key to being sexy is to think that way. I can be a flirt, but I'm very passionate by nature. In bed, I think about pleasing my man -- if it pleases him, that pleases me." When her partner is a camera, she says, "It's almost the same thing. As a model, I try to please the camera. I think of sexy things -- garter belts and French-lace bras. I think of shopping for lingerie at Neiman-Marcus or even Frederick's -- and wearing it later." Seduced yet?
"Vancouver is my home, but I think of myself as a Canadian-American," says Miss January. Born in Alabama 24 years ago, a model Canadian since she was 17, Kim has a feline grace, high cheekbones and come-on eyes that have made hers the most recognized face in Vancouver. Now, she says she wants to take on the States. As busy and beautiful as Vancouver is -- not to mention home to her fave delicacy of all time, Earl's burgers -- it ain't America. "I love that city, but I had to come here. If you want to succeed, this is where it's at. Besides," she says, "I like American men. I think they treat their women better. American men believe more in a woman's equality. They don't have to be in charge all the time. They're free spirits -- that's what I like about Americans. Don't get me wrong -- I like Canadian men too, but when I think American, I think of a guy in tight jeans, who's well built and has a suntan -- mmm, nice." Kim's appreciation of the American male is sure to be returned.
Photography by Richard Fegley

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