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1987 Outubro Brandi Brandt


Fine Brandi

presenting california cool, vintage '68

Yes, she knows the Looking Glass golden oldy Brandy. Yes, she thought the song was cute the first million times someone sang it to her. But if one more person approaches her and sings, "Brandi, you're a fine girl / What a gooood wife you would be," Brandi Brandt is going to break a bottle over somebody's head. "I never want to hear that song again," says Miss October, who was three years old when Brandy hit the charts. Never mind that by all accounts she is a fine girl, a sweet, striking Filipino / German / Irish / Cherokee miss with a sparkle that makes men want to sing about wedding her. Brandi has ambitions that reach far beyond becoming somebody's gooood wife. Fame, fortune and fabulous beach-front digs in Malibu, just for starters.
Brandi has always been attracted to bright lights. Her mom, Brie Howard, a veteran L.A. rocker, introduced her baby to the music scene. "I first saw her play when I was one," says Brandi. "When I was a baby, I slept on her bass drum. When I was two, she took me to an Alice Cooper concert. Alice pulling a lady out of a trunk is one of my earliest memories." At home, Brie sang Brandi to sleep with Bridge over Troubled Water. Brie recorded with Ringo Starr, The Electric Light Orchestra, Bruce Willis and the Pointer Sisters -- and can now be seen on MTV putting down the back beat on Robbie Nevil's videos. Brandi, who spent her formative years in Sacramento ("the slow lane") with her dad, dreamed of returning to L.A., becoming a star -- and a Playboy Playmate.
"My dad always told me I was going to be a Playmate," says Brandi. "I guess Father knows best." Back in L.A., lured by the hot lights and the bright promises that city holds out to the young, talented and indisputably fine, she savors a quiet moment in her little house in the San Fernando Valley. "I want serious success," Brandi says, smiling. "I want to act. Being Miss October is a thrill. I feel so sexy. But I hope it's just the first thrill. I have a small part in a new movie, Boy Rents Girl, and I think I have a lot of thrills ahead of me."
What a gooood wife she would be. She wants kids -- and has already named them -- but Brittany and Bradley, for now, at least, will have to wait. This Brandi is on the brink of a brilliant career.
Photography by Stephen Wayda

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