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1987 Junho Sandy Greenberg


The Real Thing

meet sandy greenberg, the woman behind the legend of maxine legroom

Sorry, guys, we lied to you. Last January, when Playboy published a pictorial on Maxine Legroom, our Playmate of the Minute, we allowed that she was a computer-generated image, a fantasy mate for the very popular Max Headroom. The pictures had an unreal quality; we were willing to believe that no one on earth possessed such a perfect body -- until Sandy Greenberg sat down in our office and announced that she was, in fact, Maxine Legroom. She had just returned from the West Coast, where she had filmed a Maxine Legroom rock video and comedy spots for The Playboy Channel. Before our very eyes, she transformed herself into a slightly spacy child of the future, lecturing on condoms. "Have you ever wondered why they are called condoms? Sounds like something you buy when you can't afford a house. And why are they called rubbers? You aren't going out into the slush. I prefer to call them love gloves." Sandy is animated and very funny -- and as gorgeous in real life as Maxine is in fantasy. She described a day in the life of her alter ego. "They spent eight hours putting on make-up. I wore white contacts over each entire eye, blue contacts over those. It was like looking through a light bulb. I had on an outfit that looked like something Bamm Bamm on The Flintstones would wear. Halfway through the shooting, I asked the camera crew to turn on some music. I just started to dance, they filmed it and then asked me to dance again. They took three clips and made a video where Maxine gives advice. Her answer to every problem is 'Dance!' " What does the real-life lady do for fun? "I ride. I have five BMW motorcycles in the garage: a white R65LS, an orange 650, an old 6/2, a 1000 boxer with a full fairing, and a K100 with an EML sidecar. I just got back from 12 days and 3600 miles through Canada by way of Door County, past Niagara Falls and back to St. Louis. Last summer, I toured the Northwest, from Lake Tahoe to Grants Pass, Oregon. It's the perfect way to travel. There's none of the verbal stuff -- no arguing, no back-seat driving, none of the stuff that gets in the way of a good time."
Motorcycles, apart from being a passion, have been a good career move for Sandy. "I had this R65LS, called Freddie. There was one other like it in St. Louis, in a shop window. One day it was gone and I asked the owner what had happened. He said a photographer was using it in a shooting. He was looking for a girl to hang off the bike. I auditioned, and the rest is visual history. I do a lot of body modeling. My portfolio is filled with weird little shots of ankles, wrists, hands. Half of the fun of this shooting is that I get to see what I look like." As you can observe, she looks very good. When she's not working on a shoot, you can find her doing supercircuits at the local health club or running in the park. The difference between a computer-generated fantasy and real flesh may be sweat and hard work. Or passion. Vive la différence!
Photography by Stephen Wayda

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