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1986 Dezembro Laurie Carr



unlocking the multiple mysteries of laurie carr

For the ladyfriend of a heavy-metal-music man, Laurie Carr is pretty low key. Texas-born and Wisconsin-raised, she lives by the code of the heartland (honesty, loyalty, family) and seems out of place at a Ratt concert -- until she shifts into dancing gear. A new model, she has this to say about her present Carr-eer: "I'll think I know where my life is going, then it'll turn 180 degrees. I was studying commercial art in Texas but found I didn't like its business end. I guess I'd had one too many accounting classes. I realized it was time to do something radically different. A friend sent my pictures to Playboy, I came to California, and now I'm a model." Laurie wants to return to her drawing table one day. For now, commercial art's loss is our gain.
Laurie's beau is a Ratt. She and Robbin Crosby, guitarist for the metal band its fans consider more rockin' than Dokken and motleyer than the Crüe, met in a Fort Worth record store. Theirs is a less head-bangin' affair than Ratt's pack of fans might expect. "I was a fan before I was a girlfriend. I even knew the lyrics to their songs," says Laurie. "But our relationship started after their last world tour, so I know Robbin as a person, not as a hard rocker. At times it's hard to do, with our schedules, but what I like is spending time together at home." Robbin, the Ratt romantic, says, "I've been around the world, and she's the sweetest person I've met. It took me a while, but finally I found her." Portrait of a thoroughly modern young couple.
What kind of man appeals to this kind of woman? He doesn't have to be a hunk of heavy metal, though it might help. "I'm not turned on by outsides," Laurie says. "You get tired of that unless there is a person inside who turns you on." Laurie doesn't insist on any specific physical type as long as the guy's no slouch. "I want someone who works hard and plays hard, whatever he does. Too many people try to find fun by going out, when they could find it right at home. I'll tell you what really turns me on. When a man looks at me, you know -- that way -- and still sees me as an equal. You can communicate a lot with a look. Take my Playboy layout -- it shows a side of me I can't express in words. Some things just can't be expressed." Amen.
"I like to be stimulated intellectually. I can't be happy being judged solely on appearance," says Miss December. One of the keys to knowing her is knowing that her impulses pull her in different directions. "In fact, I'm modest. I never really considered myself the kind of person who'd pose in the nude. I had a very conservative upbringing. Meeting -- and liking -- some Playmates changed my ideas of right and wrong, and it was exciting to do the layout. How can you know what makes you happy until you've explored?" Artist, model, Ratt fan and homebody, Middle American girl in L.A., Laurie looks to her family for support, if not approval. "It's important to me that they've supported my decisions -- even the ones they don't agree with."
Photography by Arny Freytag

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