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1984 Setembro Kimberly Evenson


Getting Evenson

it's not easy to catch miss september, but it might help if you're the tarzan type

"Fantasies? Oh, I have lots of fantasies." Kimberly Evenson mentally inventoried her store of daydreams, searching for one that might not be too revealing. "One of my favorites is being out in nature, feeling really healthy and being with the greatest guy, somebody like -- Tarzan. Maybe that's a common fantasy, but it's a great one if you think about it." Kim would make a proper Jane, all right. She's at least as tough as any urban ape man. "I've always been an athlete. I love sports. I was always the fastest runner. I'd play football with the boys and they'd never catch me. In soccer, I'd always be put against the biggest, fattest monster on the field. I didn't care; I'd just go for it. They'd call me an animal!" Going up against it seems to turn Kim on. She likes to flex her muscles and test her resiliency. Each time she pushes the limit, she learns something. "I like to win, even if it means getting hurt. But I almost never get hurt. I've got these bones that just seem to bounce when they're supposed to. If I twist an ankle, it just twists right back. I've always been tough."

Born an Army brat in Bremerhaven, Germany, Kim grew up in Minnesota. She was 12 when her parents separated, and a few years later, she moved with her mother and her two siblings from Minnesota to Rockland County, New York. She was understandably disoriented and -- because her mother was busy taking care of three children, going to law school and paying the rent -- rather undisciplined. Kim had a taste for adventure and none for academics.

"I love my freedom too much. What I didn't like about high school was the fact that you had to be ready for it and you had to be there every day! I'm the kind of person who will just get up and go somewhere, take a plane! If, of course, I'm in a situation where I can do that."

Following her escape from high school, Kim decided to challenge Manhattan. A few parts in small productions while in high school had convinced her that she'd like to be an actress, and she knew some study in New York City would be in order. To finance her acting classes, she modeled and took part-time jobs, including one as a Bunny at the Playboy Club.

"That was fun -- I loved the costume. I was a Door Bunny, because there weren't any jobs open on the floor. Unfortunately, I was working from ten at night until five in the morning and then going to school at seven. I was exhausted. So I had to quit after a few weeks. I just couldn't handle it anymore. But I had fun." Establishing herself in the Big Apple gave Kim confidence. She learned a lot about the show-business world and quite a bit about show-business people. "In the acting business in New York, there are so many so-called managers, producers and agents who will promise you the world for a small fee. Those were approaches I stayed away from, because I wasn't hearing any solid promises. I knew talent would get me success faster than anything they could offer."

When she was offered a ticket to Los Angeles for her Playmate shooting, Kim heard the siren call of the cinema and decided to uproot again. That move, though, will be a little more difficult. "Right now, I'm going to have to adjust to coming out to L.A., getting an apartment, getting a manager, going to school -- and being farther from my mother. I've always been real close to her. Before, I could always run back home from Manhattan. Now I'll have to work very hard and make lots of money so I can call her long-distance." Kim's not at all worried about her future, though. "I've been thrown into so many new situations that I feel that if I got thrown some more, I could take care of myself." We don't doubt that for a minute.

Photography by Kerry Morris, Arny Freytag

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