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1984 Junho Tricia Lange


Renaissance Woman

thoroughly modern tricia lange prefers old-style pleasures

"You know what I feel like? I feel like a race car right now that's revving up its engine and just waiting for the flag to drop. My rpms are way up." The sound coming from Tricia Lange's power plant is really more of a purr than a roar, but the analogy is apt, nonetheless. She has been at cruising speed ever since she left UCLA with a B.A. in English literature and began to pursue a career as a model and an actress. With the confidence her sheepskin gave her, she was willing to invest everything in her pursuit. "I spent my last pennies on getting good pictures for my portfolio, because I knew that if I had enough to pay my rent, everything after that was going into my career. I especially want to do comedies. It's really harder, I think, to do comedy and slapstick than it is to do serious drama. You have to be smart to do it, because it's all in the timing." Tricia's long association with the world of letters hasn't gone to waste. "I keep a journal. I write songs. Sometimes, something funny happens and I think it would make a great scene for a movie, so I write it down." Career isn't everything for Tricia, though. For instance, she loves to decorate and her apartment is done in a delicate, feminine, old-world style: lots of lace, oak furniture and airy paintings of fantasy scenes. You get the impression that a fairy princess lives there -- or, at least, a good witch. In a kitchen cabinet are her potions: bottles and bottles of vitamins, minerals and who knows what else. Perhaps frog toes. This, after all, is a girl who has her own costume set aside just for attending the local Renaissance Faire. She is also a student of what she calls "esoterical knowledge, things like astrology, yoga, meditation, physics, tarot cards and all that nonlogical, nonscientific knowledge." Her affinity for the ancient is an enigma, since she is thoroughly modern in every way. While she wouldn't subscribe to the notion that she lived a previous life as a medieval maiden, her fantasies are clearly anachronistic and her pleasures unusual for someone born in Hollywood. "I don't spend much time in the sun. I love days that everyone else thinks are dreary. I belong in England, in a lighthouse or a castle overlooking the cliffs somewhere. I might have liked to live during the days of King Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere. I think armor could be a good turn-on. Really. There's a fantasy: a guy riding up on a white horse with armor on!" Perhaps it's the romance of the era that Tricia relates to. She is, after all, something of a romantic fantasy herself.

Photography by Richard Fegley

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