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1980 Novembro Jeana Tomasino


Ready On The Set

this charter member of our playmates singing group measures her success in shoes and stocks

Jeana Tomasino is ready. Just name the occasion; she'll be there. On time, fully prepared and looking good. In spaced-out Los Angeles, where she lives now, that's a standout characteristic. So standout, in fact, that she doesn't fit Hollywood's institutionalized numerical rating system. Jeana is quite simply an A.
You don't get to be an A by just being pretty, though Jeana could give lessons in blinding flash. For the A, you've got to do your homework. And that's what Jeana's been doing since she left her Milwaukee homestead several years ago to seek fame and fortune (her fame, anybody's fortune). Her first stop was Chicago, where, in only a little more time than it took the Great Chicago Fire, she had consumed the city. In a first-class whirlwind tour, she established her credentials as a model, sometime actress and full-time bon vivant. "I loved the mix of people in Chicago," she says, "the doctors, the lawyers; at a party, you could learn something. Here in L.A., it's movies, movies, movies." Jeana is nothing if not social. An irrepressible people lover, she draws out the shy with queries and muzzles the arrogant with her sincerity. Most of the time, the party doesn't begin until Jeana gets there.
With the ashes of Chicago -- and a few of the hearts -- still smoldering, Jeana attacked L.A. It was no contest. She parlayed her modeling experience into several national TV commercials. You've seen her tout Dittos, Lincoln-Mercury, The Gap and Coppertone, to name a few. As an actress, she has collected a raft of small parts, notably one in Mel Brooks's upcoming flick The History of the World -- Part I. As a bon vivant, she hits the best parties, including those celebrated galas at a certain Holmby Hills mansion.
All the while, Jeana was doing her homework: making contacts, taking singing and dancing lessons, reading voraciously. Getting ready. The money she was making went partly into the stock market, partly into shoes. "I snort Charles Jourdan shoes," she says. "My stockbroker gets angry when he sees them all, telling me how much I could have invested in stocks instead. I give the extras to my mother or my sister, though I don't know what they do with rhinestoned high heels in Milwaukee." After all the work she'd done, it was no wonder that when Playboy went looking for a few talented Playmates to form a singing group, Jeana was one of the chosen few. The same sparkle that put her on Playboy's centerfold will soon put smiles on faces of stage audiences. Such a rapid rise would fog the brains of lesser mortals, but not Jeana's. Everything is falling into place and success is somehow inevitable. While some would say she's leading a dream life now, Jeana assures us, "I have lots of dreams left; I'm just starting." One hell of a good start, we'd say.
Photography by Richard Fegley

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