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1980 março Henriette Allais


Southern Comforter

meet henriette allais, a certified georgia peach. the south has risen again!

There's something about a Deep Southern accent, something lilting, something . . . well . . . inviting. After all, Southerners are known for hospitality. Henriette Allais, half French, part Cherokee Indian, born in Jacksonville, Florida, and raised in the heart of Georgia, has one very inviting Southern accent. "You might call me the quintessential Southern belle," she says, proud of the label. "For one thing, I'm real hospitable. On the other hand, I suppose I've got a few of Scarlett O'Hara's qualities, too -- most Southern girls do. I'm a bit spoiled, like she was, and I can be sort of . . . well . . . cunning, but I'm not as mean." Unlike Scarlett, Henriette has what might be called an acute case of wanderlust. "I was raised in Brunswick, Georgia," she says, "and since it's a beach town, it was always full of tourists. Being around all those people, I just naturally developed a desire to travel." And she did. First stop was Miami, then a long, slow trip through the continental United States; last we heard, she was planning an extended visit to France. For a while, she settled in Los Angeles, went to dental school and became an orthodontist's assistant. We discovered her at an exercise class -- exercise, sports and yoga being her primary passions. "Someday," she says, "I'd like to teach yoga. Yoga makes me high without taking drugs. It's not a real religion to me, though it is to some people. I just really like the body movements involved in yoga. It's such a challenge, because I have to push my body so far. Plus, of course, it's superb for keeping yourself in shape." We never would have guessed.
Photography by Arny Freytag, Richard Fegley

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