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1978 Dezembro Janet Quist

Texas Drifter

playmate janet quist loves to wander, but she can find a home deep in our heart any time

"Willie Nelson lives out in Dripping Springs. Waylon Jennings and Michale Murphey both play around here. It really is like a little Nashville."
Austin, Texas, is the town Janet Quist is talking about: where whe was born and the place she calls home. For the present, at least. The flavor of the country is in her voice. There is no doubt she is a Texan.
Of course, she rides; "Mom has about five horses and Dad's into roping." In Austin, going to the rodeo is as natural as going to the movies and she takes part in . . . bulldogging? "Hey, do I look like a bulldogger? Barrel racing, maybe." A cursory inspection will reveal that Janet looks like anything but a bulldogger. She is a model and an actress. You may have seen her in the movies Semi-Tough, Rolling Thunder, A Small Town in Texas or Outlaw Blues on television. You may also have seen her as one of the models in last year's Playmate Photo Contest. Fact is, if you stand in one place long enough, Janet will pass by sooner or later. She loves to travel: Mexico, Hawaii, California. Anyplace warm, and anyplace near water. Growing up on Lake Travis, 20 miles outside Austin, Janet developed a close relationship with the water, boats and just about any water sport you can name: skiing, ski sailing and, lately, body surfing. "I tried that in Hawaii a while ago. You can almost reduce that way. Just lie on the curl of the wave and it works your body over. Feels great on your stomach." Why, you ask, does this girl need to reduce? "I like to eat. I just spent two weeks in Dallas eating lasanga. And at home we have about three acres of really fertile land where I garden. Corn, squash, green beans, black-eyed peas and okra. I love to watch things grow."
Janet's been doing some growing herself lately. She more or less fell into modeling and acting. Now the need for commitment is becoming apparent. "I change all the time. Most of my friends seem headed for careers or are already involved in one. I'm getting a little tired of not knowing what I'm going to be doing. I hope I settle down soon."
California, she thinks, might be a good move. Of course, she'd have to give up Willie and the rodeo and the garden. But it is warm and the water is great.
Photography by Ken Marcus

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