sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009

1977 Maio Sheila Mullen

Game Girl

miss may is a team mascot. now, that's what we call a strong bench

The pictures you see on these pages are atypical -- for the simple reason that Sheila Mullen is almost never alone. Our gatefold girl for May is a one-woman crowd scene. She always stands out. When we tracked her down, she was sunning her 5'9" frame on the side lines of the athletic field of Valley College in Van Nuys, California. The parking lot was filled with 'Vettes, clunkers and bikes. The owners were out on the field playing a rough game of tackle football. "I'm the team mascot," says Sheila. "On Saturdays we play football. On Sundays, softball. On Thursdays we go to the races. It's a very unofficial team. We'll play anybody at anything, if you're willing to bet on it. I hold the bets." Sheila explains that her friends are all gamblers. "They learned to lay odds in little league and pony league. They'll bet on anything. When I started going out with Tom, the quarterback, everyone had side bets on how long he'd last." The team comes off the field. Guys with names like Pinhead, Mildew, Wimp, Dog drink beer and casually discuss physical destruction, the injuries received in a life of sport. Sheila smiles. "I never get hurt. I just get tan." Miss May confesses that her nickname is Motor Mouth Mullen. "I talk a lot. I tend to digress. It comes from growing up in a family with eight kids. Did you know three of my sisters were on The Dating Game at once? My boyfriend is always stopping me and asking, 'What question started this rap?' When I got my car, I requested personalized license plates with the letters, MMM, for Motor Mouth Mullen. People trying to guess what the letters stand for go, 'Mmm?' I say, 'You got it.'" Where were we? What question started this? It doesn't matter. The game resumes. Sheila's team wins.
Photography by Ken Marcus

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