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1977 Julho Sondra Theodore

Baby Blue

that's the very special nickname of july playmate sondra theodore -- it has nothing to do with her eyes

Sondra Theodore's eyes are obviously green, so how come her nickname is Baby Blue? We'll get to that story in a minute. Our Miss July is an actress who loves to tell stories, create scenes and play all the parts. Before you find out what Baby Blue means, you may be treated to a re-enactment of the time Sondra's sister woke up eyeball to eyeball with Sondra's pet lizard. ("I always had a pet lizard -- the kind you'd put on your blouse and watch it change color. This time, it was my sister who changed color.") Or maybe a quick run-through of the time Sondra and her girlfriend went shopping in Beverly Hills' most exclusive shops -- on roller-skates. ("I used to be a miser, but now I'm dangerous. If I see something that reminds me of a friend, I'll buy it for the person.") Or Sondra as a seven-year-old, trying to learn to play ragtime by following the dancing keys on the family player piano. A small furry object pokes its head from beneath her chair. "Oh, that's Alex. We're both mutts. I take him with me everywhere. If I'm interviewing for a part, I'll just toss him into my purse. Alex has turned more three-minute interviews into ten-minute interviews and ten-minute interviews into parts than any agent in town." (We understand that Grizzly Adams uses the same trick with his bear.) Alex helped Sondra land at least one interesting role -- that of Hef's more-than-occasional companion. "One day I took Alex up to the Mansion and Hef fell in love. With Alex. By the end of the afternoon, Hef was saying, 'Has our dog been fed yet?' It's a classic rags-to-riches story -- rescued from the city pound, Alex the wonder dog lives happily ever after in a Holmby Hills mansion." We asked Sondra about her own from-rags-to-wearing-nothing-at-all story. "Well, I've always wanted to be an actress. I grew up in San Bernardino. For me, high school was one long rehearsal -- lunch hours, after school, weekends. I was always working on a part. Los Angeles has been good to me, so far. I was one of the contenders for the role of Pinky Tuscadero -- the Fonz's girlfriend. An agent saw me and figured that what was good enough for the Fonz was good enough for him. Playboy agreed."
Photography by Ken Marcus

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