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1977 Abril Lisa Sohm

Ambitious Miss

april's lisa sohm wants very much to be someone. she's got a helluva start

If you've been reading Playboy regularly like a good fellow, then you already know Lisa Sohm. In February, she appeared in our Playmate Preview pictorial, which gave an early look at some of the girls in contention for Playmatehood. That she made it comes as no surprise to us -- Lisa's a very, very ambitious young lady. She wants to be a fashion model, a high-fashion model, a desire probably fostered by her mother, who herself was a professional model and fashion coordinator employed by several modeling schools. Just to give you an idea of Lisa's goal -- when we asked her who in the whole world she admired most, her answer was Lauren Hutton. Already a familiar face in San Diego, where she's done some local commercials, Lisa just moved to the Big Apple, the big time as far as professional modeling goes. "It's exhilarating to be in New York," she says. "Why? Because it's the most exciting place in the world. You can feel it in the air, in the pace, in the people. It is New York, you know?" Sounds a bit like Miss Deeds Goes to Town, doesn't it? But Lisa's no stranger to Gotham -- she's already modeled in New York and London, two trips that gave rise to another of Lisa's abiding passions -- travel. One of her aims is to make enough money to travel. "I'm not going to spend it all on clothes or this and that," she says. "I'm going to invest in land and maybe go on an African safari or bum around Europe."
These are not idle pipe dreams, either -- Lisa's no dreamer. By her own admission, she's levelheaded, strong, ambitious and independent. So independent, in fact, that there's no man in her life at the moment. She just doesn't have the time. "My career comes first," she says. "I'm independent and want to stay that way for a while. Sooner or later, I'll need a close relationship with a man who's ambitious, someone I can depend on and share things with. If the right man comes along -- fine. But I'm not actively searching for one at present." Guess we'll just have to take a rain check.

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