sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

1974 março Pamela Zinszer



some people think miss march ought to be in pictures; she thinks so, too, and with all those producers throwing scripts her way, who needs acting lessons?

"They call me 'Star,'" says Pamela Zinszer. "Why?" we ask her. "Have you ever starred in anything?" "Oh, I acted a lot in high school." "In what roles?" "Mostly in trying to stay out of trouble." We try another tack. "Where would you like to act?" "In movies. I already know quite a few people in the industry." "Have you had any offers?" "All the time." "We mean for movies." "Well, whenever I walk down Beverly Drive in L.A., where I work -- I got out of high school this past June and got a job at this boutique." "Is that on Beverly Drive?" "No." Pause. "It was really a weird place." "Where you worked?" "Yeah. The guy who owned it came into a lot of money, see, but he didn't know the first thing about opening a business. When I started, everybody called the place Body and Soul. But the owner didn't like that. So he changed the name to Thee Boutique. I mean, how can anybody remember you if you keep on changing your name? People have a hard time remembering me just because of the clothes I wear." "Why?" "Because every day I look different. I can get up one morning and say, 'Today I'll be a vamp,' and I'll put on platform shoes, a long glittery dress and a pink boa. Then I can wake up the next day and all I'll want to wear are jeans and a T-shirt." "Weren't we talking about movie offers?" "Oh, yeah. Well, anyway, like I was saying, this guy, my boss, couldn't cope with running his shop, and business got so dead that he'd walk in every morning and start telling me stories about his friend the ghost. Finally Thee Boutique shut down and I was hired to work as a receptionist at an art gallery. That's on Beverly Drive." "Oh. And you've met film producers there?" "No, I do nothing there but drink champagne all day. Besides, my boss is madly in love with me, so I can go out for a walk any time."
"And that's where you meet them?" "Right. Usually guys come up to me and say, 'Hi, I'm a movie producer. Howdja like to be in my movie? Here's a script. Catch.' But they don't understand." "Don't understand what?" "That I could never get into a picture like that. You can see why." We're not at all sure we can, but we can sure as hell see why they'd ask.
Photography by Mario Casilli

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