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1973 Maio Anulka Dziubinska


All the Right Moves

the important thing in anulka's life is not where she's been but where she's going

It's not for everyone. We all like to talk about being free, but it's a long way there and usually a quick look is all we get. Anulka Dziubinska seems to have found her own answer: mobility. For Anulka, it's not a matter of finding freedom; the looking for it is what counts -- and what keeps you free. Born and raised near the Irish Sea in Preston, Lancashire, she says of her childhood, "I was brought up to enjoy life rather than to fear death. And the best way I've found to enjoy life is to learn. People, cultures, languages, places -- the best education is traveling." Since she was 15 she has traveled most of the Western world, living at times in London, Madrid, Bilbao and Hamburg, stopping off for lengthy stays in Italy, France and the United States. She also spent some time in Munich, where Pompeo Posar first photographed her for Playboy's The Girls of Munich (August 1972).
And along the way she's done more than just modeling. In Preston she was a dental nurse, but the routine was too restrictive for her. From there she went to London, where even her lively job as a Playboy Bunny proved wanting in the face of her wanderlust; her thoughts kept drifting off to places she'd never seen.
Finally, a friend's trade provided a solution to her problem. He made jewelry. With a few tools and a display board, Anulka was able to take her work wherever she went, provide for herself in a creative way and, most important, learn. "Lots of people ask me what I do. That's not so difficult to understand. This is the world I live in and I'm finding out what's in it." And what has she found? "It's beautiful. I guess I believe in good karma. People mean a great deal to me and when I run into someone who isn't nice, it really upsets me. But when this happens, someone always comes along who is beautiful and full of energy, who makes things right. Of course, I don't think the world is all beauty. For example, being a girl means that there are a lot of things I can't do that I'd like to do, places I'd like to see that aren't safe. It's not a women's lib problem. If a woman wants to be liberated, she can liberate herself. I do agree with their stand on most of the issues, but I'm pleased to see they have quieted down. The hysteria makes me sick. But there's still a point to be made. I'd like to go to Africa, for example, but I don't feel I could go alone, because I'm a girl. On the other hand, I think I might not be too eager to walk the streets of Chicago alone. It probably is safer in the African jungle, from all I hear about crime in America."
But traveling is only part of Anulka's life style. Though she hesitates to talk about it, her most recent ambition is to become an actress, a profession that can provide an outlet for her creative energy and at the same time keep her mobile. Her experience on the stage already runs from Shakespeare in school to a small bit with France's touring Grand Magic Circus at the Roundhouse in London. By working onstage as much as possible, Anulka feels she'll get enough background to break into movies. "I'm going to spend some time with my family in Preston, but I hope to wend my way to Rome eventually. That seems to be the best place in Europe for film. And who knows? Some crazy director may be looking for a slightly different heroine." If he picks Anulka, he's crazy like a fox.
Photography by Pompeo Posar

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