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1972 Abril Vicki Peters


Great From Any Angle

once looking for a career in pictures, vicki peters now loves taking them

Surprisingly enough, the foremost reason for Playmate Vicki Peters' move from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Southern California three years ago was not the change in climate. As a lifelong resident of the Twin Cities area, 23-year-old Miss April was accustomed to those infamously raw northern winters: "Winter sports are so popular in St. Paul that I actually looked forward to cold weather." It was Vicki's career ambition that prompted her to head for Los Angeles, where she intended to become an actress. "I'd modeled and thought I could do that while looking for film opportunities." Vicki did find steady employment -- posing before a still camera (she was featured in Playboy's September 1970 uncoverage, The No-Bra Look) -- but she had less success getting movie parts. "I had some minor roles, but got depressed with my lack of real progress." Her professional life continued to languish until she met a prominent young commercial photographer, Harry Langdon (son of the silent-film star). "Harry and I began dating and I got interested in his work. Then one day he asked me to fill in for his secretary, who was taking a vacation. I agreed to do it for a couple of weeks. That was almost two years ago, and I've been there ever since." What's been especially rewarding for Vicki is the full range of responsibilities she's assumed -- from darkroom developing to taking up the camera herself. "I've learned about everything there is to know at a photo studio. It's a thoroughly creative process and I've become fascinated with it. Now, although I still have ideas about an acting career, I think I'd be equally happy to stay in this business. I'd also like to make movies. And the possibility of directing excites me, too. There are a lot of ways I could go. A number of film people I've recently met might be able to help me in the future." No matter how many professions Vicki tries, readers will agree that there's certainly no danger of her suffering from overexposure.
Photography by Mario Casilli

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