domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

1970 Junho Elaine Morton


Tuned-In Dropout

our june playmate is a fair lass who likes life laissez-faire

People would profit from a bit more "live-and-let-live" logic, says blonde Elaine Morton, who wishes that "everybody would just butt out of everybody else's business -- as long as that business isn't harming anyone." Following her own recommendation, our June Playmate recently abandoned the comfortable confines of the family home in Burbank, California, and moved into her own bachelorette apartment across town. Just a year ago, she was working part time as a salesgirl in a Glendale flower shop and full time as a home-economics major at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. "I was all hung up in establishment modes of living," she says. "Then I decided to stop striving for those goals and find my own." Since that decision, Miss June has dropped out of Southern California's "straight" life and, with her boyfriend's help, converted a milk truck into a mobile pad and made the west coast of Baja California her home away from home. Traveling on her savings, she simply drives onto any unoccupied stretch of Baja beach facing the Pacific Ocean and camps there until the scenery gets "predictable," then drives on to a new location. "On an average day down there," Elaine says, "I wake up at dawn, go surfing or swimming, cook breakfast, sun-bathe, go horseback riding, eat dinner and watch the sunset. Who needs more than that?" Obviously not the intrepid Miss Morton, who lives her liberated life style to the hilt.
Photography by Bill Figge, Mel Figge

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