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1969 Fevereiro Lorrie Menconi


Tuesday's Child . . .

is full of grace, and lorrie menconi -- a bright-eyed brunette from san diego -- lives up to her birthright

Astrologically speaking, Lorrie Menconi has her pretty head in the stars. "I was born on Tuesday," our valentine Playmate told us, "February 24th 1948. That makes me a Pisces, so I think it's perfect to appear in the February issue -- it just has to be good luck. I guess you could call me a zodiac nut. But so many Piscean characteristics are true of me that it's hard not to believe in it." Exhibiting a prime Piscean trait -- talkativeness -- Lorrie goes on: "Pisces is a water sign, which may explain why I'm so crazy about living in California. We moved to San Diego when I was very young, so I don't know what it's like to live away from the water. The beach scene here is terrific. But the mountains in northern California are great, too. I went to a combination boarding school and camp up there, around Manzanita Lake, which is beautiful country. Cooking and sleeping out, sailing, swimming -- really most all activities in or around the water -- that's my kind of life."
When Lorrie isn't involved in the aquatic life, she indulges another Piscean fancy -- a love of animals -- by hying herself off to the San Diego Zoo. "Maybe it sounds like I'm bragging," she says, "but we have one of the world's finest zoos. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the largest collection of wild animals anywhere. One of the best things about it is that there aren't many bars or wires, just moats or waist-high walls; it looks more natural that way. And because of this gorgeous climate, the animals are outside all winter long. I'm so crazy about it, I think it might be fun to own a zoo someday." Lorrie attributes some of her fondness for fauna to her mother, who wrote a children's book called The Pony Who Lost Her Neigh. "All the animals in the story," Lorrie explains, "were based on our family: my father, my three sisters and me. There was billy goat Harry, pony Susie, porky Marilyn and duck Rosane. I was a turkey -- you know, gobble, gobble -- because I talk so much; there's that Pisces again."
Many Pisceans have an aesthetic sense that's particularly attuned to interior decorating, and Lorrie is one of them. Along with her sisters, she works part time at the House of Rattan, a shop managed by her mother. "We sell just about anything you can imagine that's made of rattan," Lorrie says. "My mom is a fabulous decorator, and I enjoy going along with her to Los Angeles when she's on a buying trip. But it's always nice to get back home again. You know, San Diego is called the place where California began, because the Spanish padres founded their first mission here in 1769. So this year, we're celebrating our 200th birthday. I'm really proud of this city -- it's sunny and warm and beautiful." We think it's a safe bet that San Diego is just as proud of Lorrie.
Photography by Bill Figge and Ed DeLong

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