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1968 Maio Elizabeth Jordan


Here Comes Miss Jordan

this picture-pretty playmate is an accomplished model and aspiring artist

"Being a model is fun," says Playmate Elizabeth Jordan, "but it's also hard work. Most people don't realize how difficult and exhausting it is to hold a single pose for the better part of an hour, but every model does." When Liz, 23, returns from a photo session -- she's been featured on the covers of national magazines, has posed for fashion spreads and millinery ads and has modeled her hands -- she relaxes by painting. "I'm an old-school art lover -- I like realism," she notes. "The two painters who have most influenced my own work are Picasso in his Blue Period -- when he was sane -- and Van Gogh." Miss Jordan will shortly move from Los Angeles to Arizona, where she plans to do little but paint for "at least several months." Elizabeth's other avocation is teaching Indian youngsters how to draw. Part Cherokee herself, Liz is outspoken on the subject of Indian affairs. "Our Government has consistently maltreated, and then ignored, the Indians. More Federal aid to Indian education and housing would rapidly change their status as second-class citizens." Miss Jordan's been doing volunteer work at the Los Angeles Indian Center and intends to do more of the same in Phoenix.
In addition to her artistic and charitable endeavors, Elizabeth, an avid equestrienne, plans to purchase a horse while in Arizona -- her favorites are Appaloosas and Tennessee Walking Horses. Concludes Miss Jordan: "I'm really looking forward to long rides into the Arizona desert. I'm not a city girl at heart: I like the wide-open spaces."
Photography by Mario Casilli

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