domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

1968 Janeiro Connie Kreski


Moving Up in the World

our new year's playmate tests her wings from a nest all her own

Connie Kreski has patterned her life style on the maxim carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero -- enjoy today, trust little to tomorrow. Miss January, who doesn't claim to be a Latin scholar, interprets this as a call to the active pursuit of pleasure. "I want to get out into the world and see and do everything I possibly can," she says. When she was accepted as a Playmate, therefore, 20-year-old Connie acted on two of her immediate priorities: She moved into her own pad in suburban Detroit (her home town) and then flew off to London for two weeks. "London swings just as much as I heard it did -- maybe even more," Miss January reports. "Just shopping for clothes could have taken up all my time if I'd let it -- the Mod shops in Knightsbridge sell the wildest outfits I've ever seen." Now the possessor of a half-dozen new microskirts, Connie is one member of the young generation who doesn't believe in never trusting anyone over 30: "Men that age usually have resolved their hang-ups and are confident enough to be themselves. And that's fine with me, for it allows me to be myself." And what is that self? Says the 5'5" beautiful blonde, "Just a girl who wants to live life to the hilt for the next ten years or so and afterward settle down to raise a family."
Photography by Larry Gordon

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