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1968 Abril Gaye Rennie


The Graduate

a commencement-photo shooting has opened whole new vistas for springtime -- young gaye rennie

When Gaye Rennie appeared at the Glendale, California, studios of photographer Bill Figge less than a year ago to sit for her high school graduation pictures, Bill decided to offer her the chance to become a Playmate. "The moment I looked at her," frequent gatefold-girl finder Bill told us, "I felt a quality that I was able to define only later. It's the Thirties' film-star quality Jean Harlow epitomized -- an ultimately stylish, glamorous essence. It's a matter of face and hair and figure, of course, but also something in the smile and the voice -- and Gaye has it." Soft-spoken Miss Rennie smiles at Bill's reaction while disclaiming any ambitions to make that quality more real by working for a film or stage career. "What I do want," says Gaye, "is to follow up my Playmate appearance with more modeling. I feel wonderfully at ease in front of a camera and have had an interest in fashion for as long as I can remember." Waiting for the break into fashion modeling that she hopes her centerfold stint will bring, Gaye has been employed since graduation last June as a receptionist at Marilynne's City of Styles, a Glendale beauty salon. "The job is a great way to keep myself solvent and yet have time to do what I want," says our lady in waiting, for whom doing what she wants means reading, painting and leading an active social life. "I'm pretty much a fun-and-games person on dates, whether it's slot-car racing in the evening or an exhausting afternoon of tennis. The quietest moments I leave myself are those when I go off to sketch." Poised on the threshold of her career but still free enough to enjoy social evenings and afternoons alone with her pastime, Gaye Rennie makes a thoroughly model Playmate.
Photography by Ed DeLong and Bill Figge

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