domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

1967 Outubro Reagan Wilson


Reagan For Playmate!

the sunshine state's reagan wilson wins in this photo finish

By a remarkable appellative coincidence, October Playmate Reagan Wilson's escort, when his father's business finds him in Los Angeles, is apt to be the California governor's son, Michael. Lively as she is in conversation about sports or theater or books, Miss October nevertheless exhibits an abiding disinterest in politics. "Mike and I are more likely to talk about real horses than dark horses," says Reagan, an active San Fernando Valley equestrienne. "My own horse, Popcorn, is stabled back in Missoula, Montana, but that doesn't keep me from getting out on the trails almost every afternoon. Besides being fun, riding is the best way to keep in shape," Reagan adds, as if there must be some secret to the grace of her 40-25-35 figure. Miss October rides also for simple release from the special demands of her double career as fledgling actress and student writer--exciting new endeavors for wich she has left her job as girl Friday in a public-relations firm. Veteran of a summer appearance on TV's The Big Valley and of a recent, encouraging Paramount Pictures screen test, blonde-haired and green-eyed Reagan is still hesitant about making the big try for stardom. "The competition is tougher than ever," she says, "so much so that it's silly for anyone to put all her hopes into acting. So I'm going to try to devote at least half my time now to my long-standing ambition to be a writer. I'd like to be a humorist, but I think I have one serious novel to write."
Away from typewriter and camera, Reagan's avocations include body surfing at Malibu and all-night dancing at Los Angeles' myriad go-go cellars. "Both are pretty hectic, but after trying to express myself in work, I usually feel like some good clean non-verbal fun," says an October miss who earns an A from Playboy in all kinds of communication.
Photography by Ron Vogel

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