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1967 Fevereiro Kim Farber


Ticket to Success

as a playboy theater bunny, our february playmate stole the show

It is part of human nature, observed an 18th Century British writer, that great discoveries are made accidentally. Proof of this maxim is our valentine Playmate, Kim Farber, who was steadfastly taking tickets at Chicago's Playboy Theater when she was pointed toward a gatefold appearance by a Playboy staffer who had gone to the theater and discovered that its prime attraction was not on the screen. Kim gratefully consented to pose for Playmate test shots ("Of course, I'd always wanted to be a Playmate, but once I got settled in my Theater Bunny routine, I never thought I'd get closer"). And the results, displayed herewith, leave no room for doubt about the qualifications of the well-sculpted (35-20-34) Windy City native. The 20-year-old Kim, a full-time member of her eclectic, turned-on generation, is an occasional motorcyclist and a fervent follower of the latest musical imports from Great Britain; when relaxing from her current job (Kim now models and sells Mod styles in the boutique of Cheetah's Chicago branch), she tunes in to jazz, from the arpeggios of Ahmad Jamal to the funk of Ramsey Lewis, settles down with a book of impressive weight (she's sold on the works of Eugene O'Neill, the original Tom Wolfe and, of more recent vintage, James Michener), or sets out to sample the diverse fare of metropolitan Chicago's theaters, discos, restaurants and coffee shops. To keep the Farber figure in its bountifully fine mettle, Miss February turns to an occasional tennis match or an ice-skating stint as a supplement to her energetic dancing during off-hours at Cheetah. Fond as Kim is of her native town ("Chicago's right in the center of things -- just take a look at the map"), she is about to embark on a tour of Europe and the Middle East, followed by a stint as a Bunny at the London Playboy Club. When she finally returns Stateside, Miss February hopes to pick up the thread of an apprenticeship in fashion coordination and design ("If I had my way, I'd drape the whole world in bright orange"), which she interrupted to become a Playboy Theater Bunny. "Before I commit myself to a career," the dark-haired beauty explains, "I want to get some traveling out of my system, and working at Playboy gives me the means to travel -- so you see, I may be trying to do everything, but I'm trying to do everything in the right order." We agree that everything has its time and place, and now's the time for Kim Farber to take her proper place as Playboy's Playmate of the Month.
Photography by Stan Malinowski

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