domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

1965 Novembro Pat Russo


Pat Pending

our november playmate is a miami-hutched homebody who prefers a cottontail to courreges

Playboy's recent trek to the Sunshine State proved doubly rewarding when it not only provided our staff writers and photographers with a hutchful of commendable cottontails for last month's pictorial essay on The Bunnies of Miami, but also focused our attention on the potential Playmate form of Bunny Pat Russo. A Miami-based rabbituette for the past two years, Miss November is a chestnut-haired Connecticut Yankee who grew up in Stamford, then served a short stint as a Manhattan mannequin for the Barbizon studio before heading South to trade high fashion for Bunny satin. "Like most Northerners, the one thing I can't stand is cold weather," she told us, "so Florida and I hit it off right from the start. After I'd spent my first warm winter in Miami Beach, autumn in New York was just another pretty song as far as I was concerned." When she's not busy Bunny-hopping through her night's duties or basking at the beach, the stately (5'7") hutch honey prefers a stay-at-home schedule of painting with oils, reading science fiction and listening to classical recordings ("I'm not a complete longhair, but I'll take Bach or Bartok over Streisand and the Beatles any day"). As for the man in her pending plans, our homebody beautiful has her rabbit ears set for a "sincere guy who plays for keeps." Fair enough game, we'd say -- a game worth the winning.
Photography by Pompeo Posar

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