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1965 março Jennifer Jackson


Portrait of Jenny

miss march belongs to a matched set of cottontail coeds

The devil makes work for idle hands, they say, and if the converse is true, March Playmate Jennifer Jackson's hands are positively angelic. "I'm not out to prove anything: it's just that I'm not at my best unless I'm busy all the time," explains the tireless 20-year-old who triples as a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club, a part-time undergraduate at a Chicago teacher's college, and a free-lance model with a rapidly expanding schedule of assignments for national and local advertisers. "What with my time at the Club, hitting the books and posing for a new soft-drink ad, I really need Sunday to catch up with the past week's news," says our centerfold March Hare. "Actually, I'm only sorry there aren't more hours in the day. There are so many things I want to do, and so little time to do them."
Jennifer first adorned our pages last August, when she appeared with twin sister Janis in Playboy's pictorial round-up of The Bunnies of Chicago. While Bunnydom's only matched set of collegiate cottontails measure the same from top (5'8 1/2") to tape (36-23-36), the similarities stop there. "We're like opposite sides of the same genetic coin," the multi-talented Miss March observes. "Jan is the single-minded sibling in the family. When we attended Wilson Junior College together, she spent the entire two years buried in her books, stayed away from all forms of extracurricular activity and wound up with scads of academic honors and a scholarship offer from a downstate university. Me, I'm the proverbial Jack-of-all-trades who can never settle down in any one role when there are so many others left to try. At Wilson, I put in enough studying to earn a respectable average and split the rest of my time among volleyball, tennis and fraternity dances. The only scholarship I ever won was to the Art Institute of Chicago when I was thirteen, and after six months of design class I was bored to tears. I always kid my twin sister about being more mature because she's older -- by a full eight minutes."
Although our girl on the go admits having trouble concentrating on fewer than three things at once, she knows exactly what she likes in the way of male companionship. She prefers older men ("When you're only twenty, that leaves a pretty big group to choose from") of the self-made variety ("No rich man's favorite son for me"), who share her tastes for exotic cuisine, outdoor sports, avant-garde drama, progressive jazz and "the joys of trying something new." We can guarantee the joys attendant upon an appraisal of this month's gatefold.
Photography by Pompeo Posar

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