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1965 Abril Sue Williams


Sweet Sue

miss april is one of the small wonders of the modern world

For those who maintain that it's the little things in life that make the difference, April Playmate Sue Williams -- a 4'11" blonde and blue-eyed native of the Golden State -- will undoubtedly provide an attractive 98 pounds of added weight to their argument. Our most petite Playmate to date, Sue has spent the past 19 years blossoming in the healthy California clime. Born and raised in Glendale, where she graduated from high school last June, centerfoldom's shortest short subject now resides in her first bachelorette pad, conveniently located within walking distance of her job as secretary-receptionist for a Burbank film-processing firm. As Sue told us: "My parents wanted me to enroll at USC this year, but I decided I'd better be off getting out on my own for a while. I'm not full of academic aspirations at the moment, and I can't see going to a university just to get a degree. By earning my own keep and learning to solve my own problems, I think I'll learn a lot more about life than I would in any classroom." An ardent fan of the great outdoors, diminutive Miss April shows a marked proclivity for la vie athlétique. "I guess you could call me a latent tomboy," says Sue. "After work, I can't wait to switch into slacks and sneakers. Then it's either down to the beach for some late afternoon surfing, or out to Verdugo Park for a few innings of softball with the old gang from Glendale. On rainy days, I catch up on my one sedentary hobby -- collecting old coins." Our outdoor miss also admits a feminine weakness for dining ("Cantonese food is my downfall") and dancing ("Anything from the frug to the fox trot is fine with me") with a date who's "well groomed, considerate, and not so tall that I have to strain my neck to see what he looks like." On dateless nights, her tastes run to Ian Fleming thrillers, stereophonic jazz ("Monk and Mingus are my favorites"), and late-late video film fare ("Where else can you see 'Gunga Din' these days?"). Her pet peeve? "People who talk big."
Photography by Ed DeLong and William V. Figge

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