domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

1964 Setembro Astrid Schulz


Dutch Treat

lovely, talented miss september adds a touch of holland to hollywood

Though Astrid Schulz, our saucy September Playmate, has been in America only one year, she's already a rising starlet, and she's adopted her new homeland so thoroughly that it's difficult to tell her from a California native. Born and raised in Heemstede, Holland, quadrilingual (Dutch, French, German, English) Astrid left home to pursue careers in acting, modeling and singing, finally arrived at her West Coast abode -- which is permanent, she says -- after jobs in Paris and London. Astrid studied ballet at the Sorbonne, performed professionally in light opera all across Europe and modeled in some of the best salons in London, but despite her international background and her impressive artistic credentials, she now enjoys such down-to-earth pursuits as watching TV's The Outer Limits in her trim Santa Monica apartment, reading gothic chillers by the Brontes, acting week nights in a Santa Monica little-theater group, and skindiving off nearby Catalina Island. With an ever-so-slight accent, brown-eyed Miss September told us she feels her given name (which means stellar) makes her destined for stardom -- and she already has two small movie roles to her credit: In The Art of Love, a Ross Hunter/Universal picture, she plays a Mexican danseuse, and in A House Is Not a Home, a forthcoming Levine/Paramount movie, she plays a Polly Adler minion. Though she never skied or surfed before reaching these shores, Malibu regulars rate her above average in both. Living proof that good things can come in not-so-small packages (she stands 5'7" barefoot, weighs in at 120 sans bikini, arranged on a framable 36-23-36 frame), Astrid understandably has a wide range of dates, prefers "the fun ones -- honest and outgoing guys who show me a happy time," a job for which, needless to say, most honest and outgoing guys would gladly volunteer.
Photography by Mario Casilli

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