domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

1964 Novembro Kai Brendlinger


Hallelujah, the Hills

our november playmate takes off on her annual highland fling

Our November Playmate, Kai Brendlinger, displays none of the customary feminine indecision when it comes to choosing the proper topographical setting for her annual vacation. An ebullient 21-year-old Coloradan currently hutched at the Chicago Playboy Club, Kai first graced our pages when we billed her as the lead-off lovely in Playboy's August roundup of The Bunnies of Chicago, and subsequently invited us to accompany her on her regular sabbatical reunion with her family in Denver. She readily admits to a preference for the quiet and solitude of the Colorado high country: "Before I came to Chicago and entered Bunny School, I was the original shy and retiring type. There are eight kids in our family, and it was tough enough finding a place to hang your toothbrush, much less getting in a full sentence with seven others competing for the floor. I finally gave up trying to communicate verbally and took to the hills. There's a certain peace of mind you find in the mountains, skiing down a fast slope or just taking a long, lazy walk along an old familiar trail. I wouldn't give up my job or my friends in Chicago for anything, but every once in a while I can't help feeling a little homesick." A few hours after Kai's arrival at the Brendlinger homestead, the winsome Westerner headed for downtown Denver to indulge in that favorite of female pastimes: shopping at the local department stores. Selecting suitable Western garb for her stay, our all-girl mountaineer Playmate purchased Levis, boots and a cowgirl hat, and promptly set out with her younger brother, Lee, for the mountains surrounding Estes Park. "These trails were my favorite retreat all during my teens. You could always find me there weekends, when I wasn't working part time at our neighborhood bakery." Despite the fact that Kai's heart is in the highlands, her goals in life are very much down to earth. She eschews the possibility of ever becoming a career woman and anxiously looks toward the day when she can move to the wide-open spaces with her special brand of male, who will be "tall, fair, and smart enough to know he doesn't have to prove he's brighter than I." One look at the charms of our 5'3" Playmate for November should produce a host of admirers willing to trade their bachelor pads for a home in the hills.
Photography by Pompeo Posar

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